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My mind has been a rollercoaster today due to some sad news this morning. I learned about a very young man that had been dealing with mental health issues ended up taking his own life. I am aware that a professional in this area is more suitable to talk about mental health issues and I'm not here to talk about that specifically. However, this episode made me analyze about the kind of world we're building for each other. I don't think it is a coincidence that as we loose interaction with people, and I'm not talking about quarantine or 2020 in general specifically, we're so focused on our own stuff and barely have time for friends and family that the statistics on anxiety, depression and even self harm are rising. I noticed that 2020 has uncovered many bottled up feelings and behaviors. I truly believe that all of us need attention and care. Even if some of us are more emotional than others, we all need love. Love in different forms, from different people, starting with ourselves. This society has corrupted the word LOVE in so many ways that sometimes we forget how to even express it. We feel the need to be so guarded so that people don't hurt our feelings for something we say or do. We raise our fingers in judgement and forget that we're just human beings trying to make it.

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