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Déjà vu, or just living the same Nightmare

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

"A legislator in Argentina’s lower house of congress has been forced to resign after he was seen kissing his girlfriend’s bare breasts during an online congressional debate. The scandalous moment, during a debate about pension fund investments, was transmitted live on the lower house’s YouTube channel and on a giant screen set up in congress for online debates during the pandemic. While some Argentinian legislators are attending sessions in person, many are logging on from home. Juan Emilio Ameri claimed that he thought he was offline during the incident, but resigned on Thursday after he was called to order by the president of the lower house, Sergio Massa."

“I have a terrible [internet] connection at home,” Ameri said in a radio interview later. (The Guardian).

Embarrassment, impotence, and rage are only understatements of what I feel for the country where I grew up. I loved Argentina all my life but sadly, I never truly saw her flourish to her true potential. You might ask, why do you think that is? Not only for politicians like this, but this is mainly because of individuals and communities that never cared enough. Let's face it. When we care deeply about something or someone we are willing to sacrifice something for it. "A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand." Matthew 12:25.

Every builder knows that in order to raise a strong building, everyone needs to work together. Every department needs to respect the regulations and structures designed by professionals who studied, and have experience in what they do. The minute the electrician starts getting into plumbing, there's a risk of something not being according to the perfect code. That will always bring trouble sooner or later. If the property manager wants to rush the process, there's a risk of messing with the quality or safety of the building. We go through all of these things when we buy a house, right? Especially nowadays, when in some cases, we get to see the whole process from a piece of land to a beautiful three stories mansion. When it comes to the place we need to raise our family in, we don't want to rush the process that could endanger our kids. I remember the first time that I saw how a house was built here in the US with plywood and sheetrock, it just didn't seem sturdy enough. I was scared to get in! But I was acting upon my construction ignorance. Nevertheless, down the road, I got to see how successful construction companies work together with other professionals in their areas of expertise. No one would call, much less pay, a "friend" that knows nothing about plumbing to fix their sinks. No one would hire their illiterate "friend" to teach their child how to read. We pay good money for what we care for. We give everything for what we love. Love goes along with respect. Respect goes along with integrity. You don't have to have to love your plumber but you love your home, the people in it and yourself so you will treat with respect whoever will help you fix it, even if you think you would do it differently.

Well, my friends, that's exactly what many countries are doing in politics. It's all about who you know, and what you can get, but nothing about the actual job. In Latin America, it has been like that for as long as I can remember. No one cares how sturdy the nation that they are building is, as long as it survives their time. It is a very sad picture to see and a very bitter pill to swallow.

Ladies and gentlemen, I've seen how the US of America is following the footsteps to behave like a third world country. I think that I'm not the only one who can claim that 2020 presented the worst elections ever in history. The minute those "professionals" we are voting for start degrading other co-workers, whether in private and much less in public, is only the beginning of a downfall. When you loose the integrity, professionalism, respect, honor, and posture of your position you're no longer suitable to do the job. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility and burden. And this is a fact that many have forgotten, regardless of their workplace or career. We all have the right to our opinion but the minute we start degrading people for thinking different than us, we lose our battle. Every soldier is trained to fight with honor, and that is the last thing they want to lose.

We all build our nations, not only our politicians. If we don't start respecting ourselves and behave the way that our nation deserves, we can't pretend for others to do so. I still believe in this country; I chose to live in and form a family. But by experience I tell you, if we don't change the way we respect others and take seriously the behavior of the people who represent us, we will lose all the blessings and privileges we once had. They will all just be memories. And what we criticized so much, will become our norm.

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