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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Sadly, this world is all about $$$. Depending on what career you choose, it's all about who you know, how good you are in what you do, because there's a lot of competition out there and what benefit can others get from you. It's sad and stressful but true; and the sooner we learn to navigate that truth and learn the game the sooner we'll succeed. Still, I have faith in a God that can open doors and make things possible for us. I don't mean to say that as a cliche. I do! Is that faith that keep me going regardless of peoples' behavior. I don't have control over people but I have control over mi mind, my heart and decisions. So the sooner I understand that certain people put a value in their craft and talent the sooner I'll know how to trace a plan of action. Many times we depend on other people's platforms and wait for them to pick us to do stuff together or maybe we pray for God to reveal that person our name! LOL! Literally! That will never happen because God is always trying to teach us how

to fish in stead of providing the fish himself.

Remember this: Nobody wants to partner alongside someone that doesn't work on their craft but pretend the world to recognize them and pick them to collaborate. Be the best you can be at what you want first. When you reach a certain level of professionalism or while you're working on it, research. Look into the people you'd like to work with to start your network and platform. It can be discouraging sometimes... many times... but God! When we work hard enough and we feel that is impossible to reach the light at the end of the tunnel then is when God shows up. Leave to Him what you cannot reach not what you don't feel like getting. I've seen people with nothing investing in some sort of education. They prioritized their skills and talents and developed them. I've seen how God provided from nothing and from that you see miracles.

So don't quit, be smart and remember that nothing is free. Everything important in this life cost something whether it is money, time or energy but you gotta put the work.

One day you'll sit back and collect the fruit of your labor.



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