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Consistency can be tricky, right? In case you wanted to add a new word to your Spanish vocabulary, consistencia. I've been staring at this "peace of paper" for a bit trying to decide what to write about just because I missed all last week and I told myself I was going to be consistent. How about that?? Can't I keep my own promises? What's wrong with me?

But analyzing a bit more, I guess it's a habit we all have to develop, especially when we're not under pressure. We are used to work to meet deadlines but when we have some freedom we loose the sense of consistency. I guess it is an exercise just like anything else.

I was talking to a friend today about developing skills and talents and that we never stop learning new things that help us improve. And here is that word again. Consistency! Being great at something doesn't mean necessarily live under books but here's where that old phrase comes handy, "practice makes perfect". Even if I'm talking about a hobby like gardening (well... that would not be me, yet) or a sport. I would like to actually enjoy doing it and being consistent will help me to get better results. I enjoy cooking but I wasn't born with the knowledge or skill. I had to burn a few things in order to make something actually yummy. It is not my career nor I want to open a bakery but the consistency of doing so helps myself, my family and friends to enjoy pretty good treats. Gardening on the other hand still gets tricky and I forget to water my plants sometimes. But I can say that this year I officially planted my first tree!!! I know! It's 2020! Good luck with that, ha!

Anyway, I'll make it short today. But I'll leave you with this. Whatever you decide to do, whether it is in life, as a career or hobby, don't forget that a lot of your accomplishments will depend on being consistent. Organize yourself in a way that you prioritize important decisions already made. In the long run you'll see that success is only around the corner!



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