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How to Stay Healthy and Well When Working from Home by Cheryl Conklin

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Even before the pandemic, the remote work model was on the rise. Not only does it benefit employers, but it also provides employees with flexibility, convenience, and a better opportunity for work-life balance. That said, whether you’re a musician, artist, author or web designer, working from home can also be isolating, and it can be challenging to maintain motivation and structure that help you stay productive and healthy.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your health, wellbeing, and success as a remote worker, consider these tips from Sonya Music.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Confidence is critical to your well-being, and one way to build your confidence is to make some changes to your wardrobe. For example, find some clothes that make you look and feel incredible. You can find new leggings, loungewear, bras, robes, and many other items that will leave you feeling comfortable as you’re watching the kids or practicing self-care.

Keep a Schedule

One of the most practical ways to boost your health and wellness as a remote worker is to create a schedule you can stick to each day. This structure will help you manage your stress and stay productive while facing various life challenges. It is essential to have a daily schedule, but you will also want to structure your weekly and monthly tasks. Prioritize each task by urgency and importance, and don’t forget to leave time for your home life and friends.

Get the Right Gear

Many types of equipment are designed to promote workplace wellness for office jobs. Equip your home office with an adjustable desk, standing desk, ergonomic chair, ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and any other items that can help you stay comfortable and healthy.

Find Nutritious Snacks

Maintaining a healthy diet can be more challenging when you work from home. After all, the pantry is only a few steps away! Stock your pantry and refrigerator with healthy snacks like veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds. To save time throughout the workday, prepare little goodie bags you can keep in your workspace. Be sure to also stay hydrated throughout the day, and drink plenty of water. Ideally, drink 2 liters of water a day, and avoid sugary sodas or too much coffee.

Exercise Every Day

Exercise should be a part of your daily routine, especially if you work from home. Look to online tutorials, yoga classes, HIIT workouts, and other exercise plans, and make a list of any equipment or gear necessary to optimize your workouts. If you want the added benefit of sunshine, consider going for walks or runs around your neighborhood. Figure out whether the morning, afternoon, or evening works best for your schedule, and make it happen!

There are undeniable benefits to working from home, and if you approach it the right way, you can make your work situation benefit your overall life. Consider the tips above for improving your health and wellness while working remotely, and you will notice significant improvements to how you feel and perform day in and day out. And keep looking for other ways to strike that ever-elusive work-life balance!

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