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Under Construction

It's been a while since the last time I shared my thoughts. I guess I got busy celebrating 2020's bye bye! Haha! However, with any bad experience comes a new lesson. 2020 was the year where our vision got adjusted for better or worse. After a lot of weeping, complaining, pointing and watching, I decided to take a look inside and I found my house disorganized. I opened my eyes to the reality of how easier it is to analyze someone else's attitudes and reactions than paying attention to my own.

Throughout 2020 our house was under construction. After lots of planning and preparing from years past, we decided to work on our master bedroom. We added a full bathroom and a walking closet. It seemed like the messier 2020 got so did our house. I was excited about this new chapter of our home. However, I felt like I needed to prepare my house as well of my heart to fully enjoy this new blessing.

The thing of starting a new home renovation is that it would involve way more than just that section you'd like to work on. Many times, when you start cleaning up a room to prepare it for remodeling, you discover how much damage time and lack of care brought to it. Are you familiar with the tv show, "Friends"? Have you seen "the one with the secret closet"? In case you didn't, Monica is a neat freak that happens to have a very messy closet nobody knows about. She puts there everything that doesn't fit in the rest of the apartment. Our heart doesn't provide room for a messy closet. The more we try to put under the rug, the more it shows in different attitudes. The more we postpone cleaning up and fixing things around the more damage we'll find at the end.

I believe the same maintainability of our mind, soul and body is as crucial as the status of our home. How we maintain ourselves within will determine what kind of home we build. That's what I saw happening within me. Many little actions, attitudes, comments, thoughts were coming from a messy room I might've forgotten it was even there because I just didn't pay attention. I was only focusing on the way I was receiving things in stead of working on the was giving.

There's always room to improve ourselves and redecorate the rooms of our heart. Sometimes we just need to open some windows and let fresh air come in. 2020 taught the world to stop, to listen, to modify to adapt and most importantly how much we need each other. It felt like Geppetto's wood shop about to deliver real boys and girls.

The work is not over. There are many things I'm working on to become a better version of myself. Still, I'm glad I had the time to work on some of my mess. Now that our construction project is almost finished I am ready for the grand opening and to receive what God has in store for me.

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